Why Are Garage Door Prices Increasing?

Fixing Common Garage Door Opener Problems

Consumer goods prices have continued to rise in the months since COVID began. What is causing the rise in garage door prices? Due to homeowners’ attention on house upgrades during the pandemic, garage doors are one of many market areas seeing unusually high demand. As manufacturers struggle to develop new garage doors and parts that fulfill stringent federal and municipal standards, inventory is fast depleting.

The supply of garage door parts and materials is rapidly depleting.
Those looking for new garage doors or who require emergency garage door repairs may find parts and materials difficult to come by or unavailable. Garage doors and parts such as springs and garage door openers will take a long time to arrive. Orders are being pushed back farther and further, with no reliable ETA on fresh inventory.

When new garage doors do arrive (months later than projected), they frequently arrive without the required hardware, causing installation issues.

The skyrocketing cost of garage doors shows no signs of abating.

Manufacturers have boosted garage door and hardware prices by 50% since January 2021. The cost of basic materials such as lumber and steel has grown dramatically in recent months. Factory closures due to the pandemic, supply chain challenges, labor shortages, increased transportation costs, and shipment delays have all added to the confusion, making components and materials practically impossible to come by. Industry analysts predict a 100 percent surge in garage doors and parts by December.

Raw Material Prices Continue to rising

The cost of raw materials for garage doors (and many other home improvement projects) continues to rise as the domino effect of global events continues to take its toll. Lumber and steel, which are in high demand, are up 35 and 40 percent, respectively. Plastic, concrete, asphalt, and other construction materials have all seen significant price increases. The increased cost of these materials will undoubtedly trickle down to consumers, putting a strain on both firms and shoppers.

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